Old Fashioned Baked Donut


These old-fashioned homemade baked donuts will remind you of how delicious breakfast can taste! Sugar free, gluten free, and fully baked providing a healthy snack at any time of the day.

Each box contains 6 donuts. Boxes come in 2 options

  • Variety: One of each glazed donut
  • Single: Half dozen donuts of the flavor of your choice.

High Protein

Low Carbs

Baked Donut – Almond flour, almond milk, eggs, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, baking powder and monk fruit

Glazed Donuts

Donut options with glaze ingredients

  • Havana Donut –  Sugar free guava and fat free cream cheese
  • Snow White Donut – Almond flour, monk fruit, fat-free whipped cream
  • Simba Donut – Cinnamon, almond flour, monk fruit, and almond milk
  • Heat Donut – Cocoa, vanilla extract, and almond milk
  • Coconut Grove Donut – Shredded coconut, vanilla extract and almond milk
  • Chocolate Delight Donut – Dark Chocolate, chocolate chips, and whipped cream